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Phoenix Fitness & Training

ALWAYS RISE!!! Like the mythical bird itself, Phoenix Fitness & Training was born from the fire; the fire and passion to help achieve peak performance, personal goals, and feel good about not only the end result but the process to get there. Our experience in professional sports such as football, track & field and martial arts combined with education in nutrition and exercise science delivers unmatched results. Seeing & Experiencing is believing. Our services are available to individuals, groups, or teams for all ages. (Groups and Teams may be eligible for volume discount rates) 

What We Do



Speed:  The Universal equalizer.  Any athlete in any sport benfefits from increased speed.  We train the technique, lines of motion, and body positioning needed for optimum acceleration and top end speed. In short, we make fast twitch muscle fiber do its job!



How quickly can you reach top speed or at least the required speed to execute.  There is a reason the Phoenix has never been captured.



Agility is defined as the ability to change direction in response to a stimulus.  Our training not only prepares you for that direction change, but also how to anticpate it.



Using the most researched techniques, a combination of free weights, machine weights, body weight, and objects of our choosing we strengthen your body to reach peak performance

Personal Training & Fitness


Done either individually or in groups of your choosing, personal training is customized to fit the needs and goals of each client.  This includes, weight loss, increased strength, body toning, and overall fitness health.

Nutrition / Meal Planning


Even the best training can be derailed with poor nutrition.  Phoenix Fitness offers meal prep in 5 day and 10 day packages.  Meals can be tailored to target your specific goals.  

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