Meet Your Phoenix Team

Travis Grant - Founder/Trainer / Coach


I am originally from Clemson, SC. While in high school I set the school and state records for the most yards passing in a single season.  I left to attend the Univeristy of Nebraska and become a Cornhusker.  While participating in both football and track & field I set school records in the 40y dash, 55m Dash, 60m Dash, 100m Dash, 200m Dash, 4x100m Relay, and the 4 x 400m Relay.  After college I spent 10 years running for NIKE International Track & Field Team and Team USA. At different points in time I have held the world's fastest time in the 100m dash and 4x100m Relay. I have competed in 3 Olympic Trials and was an alternate in the Olympic 100m dash. Since retiring from football and track & field I have excelled in martial arts training.  I am currently a 3rd Degree Level 2 Black Belt in Taekwondo.  I am Certified as a Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, and Speed/Agility Coach. I know speed. I know strength. I know agility. I know excellence.  If you're up to my challenge, train like the Phoenix and Always Rise.

Sedric Ashley - Founder/Trainer / Coach


I am originally from Bakersfield, CA.  I have been in the fitness industry for 15 years.  I was a 3 sport athlete in high school and an All-American defensive back at Southern Oregon University where I studied Health and Physical Education.  I have also played Professional Indoor Football and had stints on practice teams for the NFL, AFL and CFL.  I am extremely passionate, experienced, and knowledgeable in all areas of functional fitness.  I coached high school basketball and track & field in California and while in Lincoln I have coached midget football.  I am also a certified kickboxing instructor.  I am Certified as a Personal Trainer. I know speed.  I know strength. I know agility. I know excellence.  If you're up to my challenge, train like the Phoenix and Always Rise.

Chyna Grant - Office Administration / Meal Prep


I am originally from Lincoln, NE and I recently joined the Phoenix team.  Travis is my dad and has "trained" me since I can remember.  While growing up in Lincoln I participated in Track & Field for South Lincoln Track and the Lincoln Jets.  As a 12 y/o I had the fastest 100m dash time in Nebraska.  That was awesome.  Come see us at the gym and don't forget our meal planning to help you reach your goals.  As always, train like the Phoenix and Always Rise.  

Certified Personal Trainers

Lexi Frenzel


Hi, everyone.  I'm Lexi.  I am originally from the Lincoln and Ashland areas of Nebraska.  I attended two years of college at UNL before transferring to SCC to complete my dental assistant certification in 2017.  I have a HUGE family and love spending time with them.  If I'm not with my family I'm typically at the gym feeding my vice of health and fitness.  I need the strength to do the many things I enjoy such as hiking, paddle boarding, and other outdoor activities.  Some vices lead you to trouble.  My vice led me to Phoenix Fitness where I had so much fun I joined the team.  I'm now a Certified Personal Trainer as well as  certified in CPR.  No passing out in my classes! If you do, I'll just revive you so you can finish your workout. Your journey to health and fitness starts here, with me and Phoenix Fitness.   If you're up to my challenge, train like the Phoenix and Always Rise.  

Emily Reinders


Hello fitness world.  My name is Emily and I'm originally from Forest Hill, Maryland. I now reside in Lincoln, Nebraska and am so excited to be a part of the Phoenix Fitness Training Team. My passion for health and fitness drove me to seek certification as a personal trainer so that I may assist others in reaching their goals. I have been involved in sports since childhood excelling in soccer, basketball, and field hockey. My love of soccer followed me to college where I continued to play and learn the sport until graduation. Since graduating college I have sought new challenges including coaching soccer and basketball, training in kickboxing and weightlifting, and learning more about personal fitness and wellness. I now have a combined 15+ years of experience in training, competing, and learning. I am very excited to share my passion and experience with you. If you’re up to my challenge, train like the Phoenix and Always Rise.     

Danielle "Coach Dani" Smith


Rise and Shine.  I'm Danielle.  I am originally from the Volunteer State of Tennessee.  I have lived in Lincoln now more than 28 years.  If this is also true for you, then like me you're a "Lincoln-ite."  I have always had an athletic build but I have actually never played organized sports for more than a season or two. I am known to never stand still, however, so there is that.  I do live vicariously through my two athletic children who are active in gymnastics and wrestling.  I am known to be a very motivating person who gets extremely excited helping others reach their goals.  I am a certified personal trainer and I'm also studying to become a certified life coach and sports nutritionist.  I assure you with  me and Phoenix Fitness in your corner, you will be proud of your dedication to a lifestyle change.  So...if you're up to my challenge, train like the Phoenix and Always Rise.       

Joni Wernke


You ready to do this?  Hi!  I'm Joni.  I'm originally from North Loup, Nebraska but now reside in Lincoln.  While in high school I participated in basketball, cheer, and dance.  I am now Certified as a Personal Trainer, Group Trainer, and Nutritionist in Weight Loss.   I hope to bring some creativity and fun to your workouts.  I love dance and high energy so you better eat your Wheaties.  If you're up to my challenge, come train like the Phoenix and Always Rise.